Ars Pigmenti

About us

About us

Ars Pigmenti is the result of a happy coincidence. We were a small group of art students, who met in the Accademy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, and came together thanks to our shared interest in classical painting. This interest soon became a real passion for the reproduction and the technics of the Old Masters. An essential and most important exercise, the copying of art masterpieces became for us gradually our main activity, not only because it’s a fashinating experience but also because of the pronounced interest showed by many art lovers. The idea of uniting our skills and our knowledge came naturally and the creation of Ars Pigmenti was only a matter of time. Today we are pleased to invite you to share with us the high quality of our work and the pleasure of a classic art masterpiece.

Handmade quality

A copy made by Ars Pigmenti is a 100% handmade creation, made only with the finest natural materials and the best artist’s colour pigments. We follow the original painting techniques and processes without using any means of mechanical reproduction. All our paintings are made in our ateliers and by us, without using any kind of prefabricated support. Each painting is the result of an individualised process and a quality execution of one of our artists, all of them graduates of fine art academies.

The Old Masters techniques

The way to copy a painting is an art by itself and that’s why we don’t look at it as a simple act of imitation. In order to achieve the outmost of the quality of a classic masterpiece, we follow two basic rules: we use only fresh ground colours and we respect the original tecnical process.
From the first colour layers to the final varnish, we work only with the same natural materials as those always used by the Old Masters. Most important of all, for every painting we use genuine artist’s pigments wich our painters prepare new every day. And of course, for every painting we follow exactly the same tecnical process as the original: egg tempera, tempera “grassa” or linseed oil.

Affordable prices

There’s no need to spend a fortune in order to enjoy a classic masterpiece in your living room. In Ars Pigmenti you buy directly from the artists who will paint your picture, so you skip all the additional costs of galleries or any kind of intermediary commercial activity. Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to get an estimation for your project!

Personalized projects

Painting is not only oil painting. Some of the most beautiful artworks have been created with water thinned paints, such as tempera or fresco. So, even if your favorite artwork is an ancient or medieval mural fresco, we propose to you personalized solutions, that allows you to own a reproduction that perfectly renders the special surface and texture of the fresco colours painted on wall. Because of the large dimensions of some of the frescos, it is advisable to choose the fragment that suits you the most. Using a simplified method that combines fine tempera colour and wax on a thin gesso board which imitates the plaster surface of a stone wall.